Gear Diary Log Dates - April 2023 with 'Rainbow Full of Sound' 

April was a thrill-filled month of travel and shows beginning with a special benefit event in Islamorada, Florida where ‘Rainbow Full of Sound’ performed as part of a benefit for the ‘History of Diving Museum’ which was sponsored by the ‘Jerry Garcia Foundation’ -  Along with viewing many ‘Garcia’ art painting reprints in the gallery, Anna and I had the pleasure of meeting several members of the board. One of the board members actually is and has been on tour with RFOS - Jair-Rohm Parker Wells. Another board member and musician celebrity, Tony Saunders (son of Merle Saunders) sat in on bass for a few tunes as well and provided all the guests with some very entertaining stories of his life experiences around his Dad, Merle, and ‘Jerry’. Other tour shows in Florida included ‘Terra Fermata’ in Stuart the week before in March and ‘The Factory’ in Saint Petersburg, bookending the Islamorada weekend show. It was great seeing a lot of friends come out for the opening swing of the ‘Spring Tour’ which continued on to the west and mid-west. Anna and I spent a good amount of time exploring the ‘wild west’ as we ventured through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Montana, and the Dakotas, before squeezing in a couple of back-to-back shows in Chicago and Cleveland. The set lists generally covered 1972 - 1977 Grateful Dead and progressed chronologically from Set 1 to Set 2. Keeping it simple for gear was a must given the need for packing space for this 2 week venture. I decided that covering the Set 1 ‘72-’73 material was a feat best handled by the ‘Moriarty’ single-coil' ‘Wolf’. Set 2 not as easy to decide - Terrapin which was played on most nights was performed as the ‘complete’ medley; that's right - ‘At a siding… all the way to the reprise. I really wanted to cover Jerry’s parts with some embellishment as they tracked on the studio version. MIDI sounds for brass, synth brass, trumpet, and flute could be provided via my Roland GR-33, but the question was which guitar. Before the first show in Terra Fermata, I discovered that  ‘Rosebud’ my first choice for MIDI had a defective GK-3 pickup (from corrosion which occurred over time; not being used in a couple of years). The plan was to use my Resurrection ‘Bolt’ Guitar for Terrapin. At Terra Fermata, that switch from ‘Rosebud’ to ‘Bolt’ was about as painful a delay between songs as I ever had before; as the Roland GR-33 has to be shut down to boot up the electronics in the guitar any time the 13-pin cable disconnects which happened repeatedly (at least twice as I stepped on the cable). Tone settings were also very different between the two guitars which was a ‘buzz’ killer on playing the parts through the song which required several program changes from the remote switches on the guitars. My hometown gear-tech and repair guy got the call to try and fix the GK-3 pickup on ‘Rosebud’ the next day. Armed with little in the way of schematics for the wires running into the pickup, he managed to get one more string pickup working - strings 1,2, and 6 were out but he got string 2 working and that was good enough for me although it meant playing some of the MIDI parts in higher fret positions. And so Islamorada passed the test with Rosebud on  ‘Terrapin’ and ‘Wolf’ and ‘Rosebud’ would join the caravan north :)

Gear for travel:

Wolf and Rosebud

Wilson Colorful Clone Wah, Beigel Baby Mutron, MXR Distortion, MXR Phase 100 Script, Wampler Paisley, EGO Comp, Eventide Pitchfactor, Timmy, Thick Air, Empress ParaEQ MKII, Boss DD-5 Analogman modded, Strymon Nightsky and Roland GR-33 (Terrapin medley)

Shakedown Amps - Silverface custom with '70s circuitry, backup GD-50 135W Ultralinear with Stratoblaster

Hard Trucker cab - K-120s x 2 (K-equipped cab rather than E-120s used due to some venues smaller sized-stage area)       Sennheiser MD-421 mic'ed




Gear Diary Log Date 10.07.2021 

Gear Diary 10/07/21: 


This was our ‘Dead and Company cancel show” 

Always a good idea to play it safe with later era guitars to cover whatever spontaneous set lists develop as happened in the midst of the emotional energy from the huge turnout at Skippers. 


Set 1; late era electronics ‘Wolf’ (Moriarty) 


Set 2; DiMarzio Super II outfitted ‘Tiger’ ( Phiga ) 


3Leaf Wonderlove 

MXR Phase 100 and Distortion Plus 

Fulltone Fat Boost 

Wampler Tumnus OD 

Timmy OD 

Boss DD-5 Delay 

ADA 2FX Echo 


Waldo Electronics SPUD Garcia Blackface combo 

to JBL E-120

Gear Diary Log Date 10.03.2021 

Gear diary 10/03/21: 

1975 theme. I felt that it was going to be a JGB afternoon, as our calendar for personnel got crossed up with the surprise last minute change of plan for Rich (‘Bobby’) joining us for the afternoon. Stuck with what was on stage already; 

Travis Bean TB1000 through the typical vintage effects: 

MXR Phase 100 script 

Whirlwind OD 

(MXR Distortion Plus mimic) 

Fulltone Fat Boost 

TC Electronics Flashback 

Thick Air 

Amp:  Jason Ferguson custom 135W Dual-channel amp to JBL E-120 

Set 1: TB 1000 through the Mesa Boogie channel (first channel - dual stage) 

Set 2: 1979 setup Moriarty Wolf going through channel 2 input Fender Twin preamp on the custom 135.

Gear Diary Log Date 8.29.2021 

This has been a long time coming but music life has started feeling like it was before 2020. 

New amp debut - First live performance using my Waldotronics SPUD Blackface dialed in for mid 70s era tone. Combo to double E-120 Trucker cab; really looking forward to pairing it with the McIntosh for a 'Wall of Sound' trial ( maybe upcoming Lakeland show ) 

Guitars - Set 1:  Alligator ( Rusch ) 

                Set 2: Travis Bean TB-12 ( Greg Bailey ) 

Effects Used - MXR Distortion Plus 'early Block' , MXR Phase 100 script (Crazy Fingers), 

Eventide Pitchfactor ( for Octave effects, Dark Star, Space), Fulltone FB-3, 'Thick Air', Boss DD-5.  *vintage '78 Musitronics Mutron removed from setup at start of Set 2 due to technical problem; backup 3-leaf 'Proton' not patched in the interest of minimizing delay starting the set thus 'no envelope filter on 'Fire on the Mountain'

Gear Diary Log Date August 22nd-25th 2019 

8/22 - 8/26/19 Gear notes: 

8/22 Skipper’s show 1064; 

1993 setup: 
Guitar: Resurrection ‘Bolt’ 
Efx: Beigel Mutron / Octave Divider/ 
SMS EarthDrive, Boss OD-1, OD-2, Analogman-modded Boss GE-7s and DD-5 
Amp: RealTube 9002 pre-amp stage-> 
GT Trio ( modded Clean, and Mean channels, stock Scream) 
RealTube RT-921 Spring Reverb 
Into Hard Trucker JBL-E120 Twin cab 

8/23 : continued 1993 theme at Englewood on Dearborn with ‘Ship of Fools’ ; 
Guitar: Resurrection ‘Bolt’ 
Efx: Mutron, with Strymon Tumnus, and Timmy drives and Whirlwind distortion 
Amp: 90Watt Shakedown prototype head using 90s channel -> Trucker 2-12 JBL E 

8/24: UJB Ale and Witch ‘Welcome Back’ show ; 1991 
Guitar: ScarletFire Rosebud 
*MIDI was planned however MIDI was not used due to band van being out of service and limited packing space in substitute vehicle 
Efx: Wilson Colorful Clone wah, Beigel Mutron/Octave Divider, Tumnus, Timmy, Whirlwind, SMS EarthDrive and Boss DD-5 
Pre-amp: Maestro modded SMS-JG1 
Amp: Mosvalve 962 into JBL-E120 (2) 

8/25: 1991 continued with SOF at Stottlemyers’ in Sarasota; 
Guitar: SF Rosebud 
Efx: Mutron/ Octave Divider, Tumnus, Timmy, Whirlwind, SMS EarthDrive, Boss DD-5 
Amp: 90s channel 90Watt Shakedown 
Into Trucker cab JBL E-120 (2)

Gear Diary Log Date 8.17.2019 

Gear diary entry:   1969 set-up    
Guitar: Gibson SG ('73 ) 
Amps: 1971 Fender Twin (black-face modded to 1968 specs) mic'ed with 1973 Fender Twin additional for stage monitoring - both outfitted with JBL D-120F speakers ( Grey-backs) 
Effects:  Gain pedals used: 'Timmy' as a boost, Wampler Tumnus, and Xotic BB (Bluesbreaker), VOX wah 

Check out the show on -  Uncle John's Band at the Spirit of Woodstock 

Gear Diary Log Date 7.06.2019 

7.06.19 - The Mable, Sarasota (with 'Ship of Fools') 
generic eras - mid 70s and early 80s 
set 1: TB #12 Greg Bailey with the 'Beigel' effects board (Mutron 3x, Octave Divider, Boostron), Strymon Timeline and Boss DD-5 delays 
set 2: 'Tiger 1' Chuck Powers with Dual-Sound pickups (early 80s) 
amp: Maestro SMS -> MosValve 962 -> JBL E-120 cab

Gear Diary Log Date 6.29.2019  


Gear diary 6.29.19 Katiki's on Treasure Island 

1991 variation; 
Guitar: ScarletFire Rosebud w/ MIDI setup 
Amps: 90W Shakedown Amp '90's circuit' into Trucker E-120s 
Atomic CLR Neo powered speaker (for MIDI) 
Efx: 3LeafAudio Wonderlove envelope filter, Strymon Tummus overdrive, Timmy clean boost, Boss DD-5 
delay, Roland GR-33 MIDI floor controller into 
Catlinbread Talisman reverb 

Gear Diary Log Date 6:20:2019 

Gear Notes for 6.20.19 Skippers show #1055. 
late 1989 theme (Early ‘89 would have multiple choices with ‘Tiger’ sporting it’s 10-year tour, and a Strat and ‘Wolf’ outfitted with the first MIDI test runs) 
Guitar: Rosebud 
Amp: Maestro SMS / Mosvalve 962 / JBL E-120 cab 
Fx: lots ( came prepared to retro to earlier setup ) Strymon Timeline and Boss DD-5 shared Digital Delay duties, Boss Distortion DS-1, OD-1, and OD-2 Turbo (Hell in a Bucket), EarthDrive for overdrives. Beigel Octave Divider and Strymon Mobius during Space.