Gear Diary Log Date 10.03.2021

Gear diary 10/03/21: 

1975 theme. I felt that it was going to be a JGB afternoon, as our calendar for personnel got crossed up with the surprise last minute change of plan for Rich (‘Bobby’) joining us for the afternoon. Stuck with what was on stage already; 

Travis Bean TB1000 through the typical vintage effects: 

MXR Phase 100 script 

Whirlwind OD 

(MXR Distortion Plus mimic) 

Fulltone Fat Boost 

TC Electronics Flashback 

Thick Air 

Amp:  Jason Ferguson custom 135W Dual-channel amp to JBL E-120 

Set 1: TB 1000 through the Mesa Boogie channel (first channel - dual stage) 

Set 2: 1979 setup Moriarty Wolf going through channel 2 input Fender Twin preamp on the custom 135.

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