Gear Diary Log Date 6:20:2019

Gear Notes for 6.20.19 Skippers show #1055. 
late 1989 theme (Early ‘89 would have multiple choices with ‘Tiger’ sporting it’s 10-year tour, and a Strat and ‘Wolf’ outfitted with the first MIDI test runs) 
Guitar: Rosebud 
Amp: Maestro SMS / Mosvalve 962 / JBL E-120 cab 
Fx: lots ( came prepared to retro to earlier setup ) Strymon Timeline and Boss DD-5 shared Digital Delay duties, Boss Distortion DS-1, OD-1, and OD-2 Turbo (Hell in a Bucket), EarthDrive for overdrives. Beigel Octave Divider and Strymon Mobius during Space.

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