Gear Diary Log Date August 22nd-25th 2019

8/22 - 8/26/19 Gear notes: 

8/22 Skipper’s show 1064; 

1993 setup: 
Guitar: Resurrection ‘Bolt’ 
Efx: Beigel Mutron / Octave Divider/ 
SMS EarthDrive, Boss OD-1, OD-2, Analogman-modded Boss GE-7s and DD-5 
Amp: RealTube 9002 pre-amp stage-> 
GT Trio ( modded Clean, and Mean channels, stock Scream) 
RealTube RT-921 Spring Reverb 
Into Hard Trucker JBL-E120 Twin cab 

8/23 : continued 1993 theme at Englewood on Dearborn with ‘Ship of Fools’ ; 
Guitar: Resurrection ‘Bolt’ 
Efx: Mutron, with Strymon Tumnus, and Timmy drives and Whirlwind distortion 
Amp: 90Watt Shakedown prototype head using 90s channel -> Trucker 2-12 JBL E 

8/24: UJB Ale and Witch ‘Welcome Back’ show ; 1991 
Guitar: ScarletFire Rosebud 
*MIDI was planned however MIDI was not used due to band van being out of service and limited packing space in substitute vehicle 
Efx: Wilson Colorful Clone wah, Beigel Mutron/Octave Divider, Tumnus, Timmy, Whirlwind, SMS EarthDrive and Boss DD-5 
Pre-amp: Maestro modded SMS-JG1 
Amp: Mosvalve 962 into JBL-E120 (2) 

8/25: 1991 continued with SOF at Stottlemyers’ in Sarasota; 
Guitar: SF Rosebud 
Efx: Mutron/ Octave Divider, Tumnus, Timmy, Whirlwind, SMS EarthDrive, Boss DD-5 
Amp: 90s channel 90Watt Shakedown 
Into Trucker cab JBL E-120 (2)

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