Gear Diary Log Date 8.29.2021

This has been a long time coming but music life has started feeling like it was before 2020. 

New amp debut - First live performance using my Waldotronics SPUD Blackface dialed in for mid 70s era tone. Combo to double E-120 Trucker cab; really looking forward to pairing it with the McIntosh for a 'Wall of Sound' trial ( maybe upcoming Lakeland show ) 

Guitars - Set 1:  Alligator ( Rusch ) 

                Set 2: Travis Bean TB-12 ( Greg Bailey ) 

Effects Used - MXR Distortion Plus 'early Block' , MXR Phase 100 script (Crazy Fingers), 

Eventide Pitchfactor ( for Octave effects, Dark Star, Space), Fulltone FB-3, 'Thick Air', Boss DD-5.  *vintage '78 Musitronics Mutron removed from setup at start of Set 2 due to technical problem; backup 3-leaf 'Proton' not patched in the interest of minimizing delay starting the set thus 'no envelope filter on 'Fire on the Mountain'

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